2020 Election Action Series

This year we are excited to share our Election Action series. Voting in a pandemic can feel overwhelming. We’ve worked to put information, FAQs and resources into one comprehensive resource to help make the process as straightforward as possible. We also offer opportunities and tools for election-related actions in addition to voting. We’ve organized these documents so that you can skip down to the sections that are relevant to you. 

#1 How to Vote – explores what you need to know in order to vote in Forsyth County and how to help others do the same. Learn More »

#2 Ask 5 to Vote – offers suggestions on how to talk about voting during the election. Learn More »

#3 Talk to Kids about Voting – explores how to involve kids in the voting process through education, inspiration and activities. Learn More »

#4 Vote AND – explores what you can do during election season in addition to casting your vote. Learn More »

Follow the link to our nonpartisan “Guide to the Election” slideshow featuring information about what and who is on the ballot. The League of Women Voters has an online tool you can use to access personalized voting information, candidate bios and their specific responses to questions. Check out vote411.org

We encourage you to save this resource as a reference guide and to share it far and wide! 

With courage and love, 
Women of Action